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Mittal Group of Institutes

A tradition of excellence in education since 2007

Mittal Group of Institutes has established its mark since its inception as the bold and ambitious leader in the education industry. It derives its strength from the concrete value-system and the resilient foundation laid by the reputed and well-recognized academician (Late) Prof. N.K. Mittal. A man of wisdom and vision, he founded MGI with the mission to create an institute open for students from every strata, an organization that’s soul aim is to deliver quality education and nurture young talent.

Mittal Group of Institutes started as a technical institute and has since spread its wings in different educational sectors and has built a commendable repute in the region for its commitment to excellence and honesty towards delivering the best to their students.

Mittal Group Bhopal

Our Vision

To educate and nurture young talent as emerging leaders with practical knowledge, strong employability and ethical values, aiming to serve the society and country.

Mission of Mittal Group of Institutes

  • to be the first choice of students who aim for quality education and applicable knowledge.
  • to serve the country by nurturing and educating students from all strata with ethics and values.
  • to develop a highly employable, dynamic and confident young work force for a better India.
  • to be the first choice of employment for talented and experienced faculty members dedicated to serve the education industry.
  • to create a rich on-campus educational culture for overall development of students and faculty.

Core Values

Mittal Institute Bhopal

An ecosystem that brings together the best of classroom and practical learning.

Mittal Institute Bhopal

To discover the talents, strengths and passion in academics and life-skills.

Mittal Institute Bhopal

To instill integrity in our students and the spirit that nothing is impossible.

Mittal Institute Bhopal

Opening doors for students and faculty to develop their potential to the optimum.

Mittal Institute Bhopal

To serve as a catalyst for positive change in India.


With a tradition of excellence since 2007, Mittal Group of Institutes is a shining example of quality education, student welfare, innovative learning, and a steadfast dedication to nurturing stronger and wiser future leaders for India.

Mittal Group of Institutes

Late Prof. N.K. Mittal

Founder, Mittal Group of Institutes

Founded by renowned educationist and visionary Late Prof. N.K. Mittal, the group is built on a powerful foundation of commitment to quality education and an inspiring value system.

A 1975 masters graduate from London, Prof. N.K Mittal had a shining tenure of 48 years in the education industry, with a unique foresightedness through which he initiated the training and development cell at MANIT (then MACT). After retiring from MANIT as a Principal, he joined RKDF as the Group Director. With an unmatched spirit and infectious zeal, he moved on to lay the foundation of his dream institution at MGI, where education was designed to enrich the students way beyond the boundaries of their classrooms.His noble aspiration was to guide and empower students from diverse backgrounds, equipping them with the essential skills and mindset necessary to excel in their future careers.

Mittal Group Bhopal

Mr. Surendra Mittal

The dream of MGI is still alive and thriving, thanks to the genetically inherited passion for education passed down to Mr. Surendra Mittal, his son, and Mr. Prakhar Mittal, his grandson.Mr. Surendra Mittal is an established industrialist, with an experience of 35 years in the manufacturing sector he set out to lay the foundations of MGI with his father, with a mission to fill the void of trained and skilled technical and management professionals in the industry.

With a dynamic personality and a futurist's mind, he possesses the acumen and progressiveness to incorporate the most advanced and innovative methods of education for his institute. An ardent supporter of startups, he aims to provide the most practically equipped and exposed atmosphere to his students.

MGI Bhopal

Mr. Prakhar Mittal

MGI has experienced a significant boost in its growth and advancement, thanks to Er. Prakhar Mittal has followed in his grandfather's footsteps with the same spirit and zeal. An engineering graduate from Narsee Monjee Institute in Mumbai, Er. Prakhar Mittal has the new-age skill-set required to take MGI to the next level of excellence and evolution. He is an inspiration to young entrepreneurs, perfectly taking on the role of a 21st-century action-packed leader on the floor. Introducing amendments in the academics through updated lesson plans, bringing in new-age technology to classrooms, collaborating with organizations of repute to bring flavor for students and introducing global standards of quality assurance and systems has been a few of his recent contributions to Mittal Group of Institutes.

Under the strong leadership of the Mittal family, along with a meticulously selected team of leaders from the education industry serving as Directors, Principals, HODs, and faculty members, MGI has a promising future in the world of education.

Mittal Institute Bhopal

Mr. Parth Mittal

Parth Mittal is Postgraduate and has done MBA in Family Business from SP Jain College, Mumbai. He worked in Italy for some time after his graduation and then joined his family business in 2021. He also runs an industry where Industrial Fasteners are manufactured.

From being a national level skater to the Pro Vice Chairman of Mittal Group of Institutes, he has donned various hats in the landscape of life so far and has had a sharp learning curve. Parth is deeply entrenched in the culture and ethos of the education system and is well conversant with the dynamics of education. An avid automobile enthusiast, his tastes are eclectic, and he enjoys exploring different opportunities.

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