For those interested in pursuing a career in the field of academia, there are several options available. From the Bachelor of Science degrees in Computer Science, Physics, Chemistry, and Zoology to Clinical Nutrition, there are many avenues to explore. For those looking to specialize in the field of education, the degrees of Master of Education and Bachelor of Education are both excellent options. If you are looking to explore the business world, there are a variety of Bachelor's degrees available, such as Bachelor of Business Administration and Bachelor of Commerce. Finally, for those looking to specialize further in the field of computer applications, there is the Bachelor of Commerce in Computer Applications, as well as the Bachelor of Commerce in Taxation. With so many options available, it is easy to find the perfect degree for your desired career.


Courses Offered

From bachelor degrees and career development, short diploma courses to postgraduate study and professional opportunities are included in our programs no matter what you choose to study.

Mittal Institute of Technology
S.N Program No. of seats
1 B.Tech Computer Science Engg. 60
2 B.Tech Electronics & Comm.Engg 30
3 B.Tech Civil Engineering60
4 B.Tech Mechanical Engineering60
5 B.Tech Electrical Engineering30
6 M.Tech Digital Communication18
7 M.Tech CIM (Computer Integrated Manufacturing)18
8 M.Tech Computer Science Engg.18
9 M.Tech Power Electronics 18
10 Diploma in Mechanical Engg. 60
11 MBA180
Mittal Institute of Education
S.N Program No. of seats
1 B. Sc (Biotechnology) 15
2 B. Sc (Computer Sc) 60
3 B. Sc (PCM)60
4 B. Sc (CBZ)15
5 B. Sc (Clinical Nutrition)15
6 M. Ed50
7 BCA60
8 B. Com60
9 B. Com (Computer Application)30
10 B. Com (Taxation)30
11 BBA60
Mittal Institute of Pharmacy
S.N Program No. of seats
1 D. Pharm 60
2 B. Pharm 100
3 M. Pharm (Pharmaceutics ) 15
Mittal (P) Industrial Training Institute
S.N Program No. of seats Duration
1 Electrician 60 2 Years
2 Fitter 60 2 Years

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