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Training & Placement

MGI Bhopal has successfully established itself into a fully-fledged premier Institute in relatively short span of time, since its inception. The students of the Institute have been able to continuously display tremendous potential and skill in their fields of study and they also have fared well in terms of having well rounded personality. The Institute provides support to the graduating students registered for placement by offering information and guidance.

On Job Training

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Mittal Institute Bhopal
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Our Top Recruiters

At MIG, we take immense pride in our commitment to academic excellence and the professional development of our students. It is with great pleasure that we highlight some of the top recruiting companies that have consistently recognized the exceptional talent emerging from our institution.

Students Training & Placement

In today's competitive job market, a strong training and placement cell can make all the difference for students seeking career opportunities. The Training and Placement Cell of Mittal Group of Institutes is dedicated to helping students achieve their career goals by providing comprehensive guidance and support. We understand the importance of soft skills development alongside academic programs, and we place a strong emphasis on equipping students with these essential skills for success in the professional world.

Module I (Incharge - Prof. Neha Dangi)

S.N Module Description Assigned To Duration
1 Go be Good Introductory session Mr. Rajesh, Ms. Willy, Prof. Ambika, Ms. Arti, Mr. Yuhan Induction Traning - Starting of the Session
2 Communication Vocabulary Ms. Willy Once a week
Reading Skills
Writing Skills
3 Confidence Public Speaking Ms. Willy Once a week (any one topic in a session)
Group Discussion
Current Affairs Mr. Yuhan
Presentation Skills Prof Ambika
4 Basic Skills Computer Skills Ms. Arti Once a week
Basic Excel
Draft an Email Mr. Yuhan Once a week
Resume Building Prof Ambika
5 Personality Development Dress Sense - Once in a month
Body Language -
Etiquettes -
6 Mock Interview Basic Interview Questions Mr. Rajesh & Mr. Yuhan Department Faculty for Technical Round. Once a week
HR Round
7 Analytical Ability Aptitute Test Ref. Books / Online Study Material Once a week
Logical Reasoning
8 Professional Qualities Attitude Building Ms. Arti In every session mentor will cover in their lecture
Long Working Hours
9 Technical Department wise the technical subject matter will be dicussed. - Twice in a month
10 Lecture by Industrial/Company Expert As per requirement Department wise the technical subject matter will be dicussed. Respected VC Sir (Prkhar Mittal Sir) Once in a month
11 Observation & Learning "Learn to Learn" Assigning Task - (Observe & tell what you Learned) Mr. Rajesh, Ms. Willy, Ms. Arti, Prof Ambika, Ms. Kumkum Once in a month
12 Task to Execute Field Work/Activity based - by giving task Mr. Rajesh, Ms. Willy, Ms. Arti, Prof Ambika, Ms. Kumkum Once in a month
13 Team Management Team Work/Building Mr. Rajesh, Ms. Willy, Ms. Arti, Prof Ambika, Ms. Kumkum Once in a month


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