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downloadMGI – ITI was established in 2009 with the aim to develop a globally competitive skilled workforce keeping pace with the technological demands of industries and the expanding universe of knowledge. To impart systematic training to improve the quality and quantity of skilled workers which makes better results in industrial production. Our honorable Chairperson, Mr. Surendra Mittal, with his over three decades of experience in the industrial sector, recognized the dirth of skilled workforce in the technical domain. He set out to bridge this gap by laying the foundations of ITI at the Mittal educational hub and he believes that through skilled training the unemployment problem among the young workforce will be considerably reduced through skilled training.

Message from Principal

 At Mittal Pvt. Industrial Training Institute, we understand that the challenges that are in store for students. Our mission is to support students in meeting the challenges they face, and to help them to reach their goals in the technical field. As the principal, I know how the important is to choose the right ITI for your child. Parents who select this ITI can have confidence that we will strive to guide their children in making wise decisions on their respective technical field.

We provide a rich learning environment in Mittal Pvt. Industrial Training Institute where all instructors focus on course contents and take every opportunity to help students gain knowledge and understanding of the concepts. The ITI fosters trainees’ skills and teaches them to solve problems independently and to work co-operatively with others.

At Mittal Pvt. Industrial Training Institute, We believe that it is critical to teach students to apply what they learn, which results in a balanced education – a balance of knowledge and application. Instructors encourage students to use their judgment in applying their knowledge to a problem. Applying what you know has to be tempered with knowing how to apply what you know, and this means using your judgment well. Good judgment is the key to success in life.
Mittal Pvt. Industrial Training Institute encourages trainees to be diligent in their work, to persevere through difficult times, and to do their best. With the guidance of instructors and of the ITI’s administrative staff, trainees will reach their port of dreams, sailing with the wind and sometimes against it; but sail they must and not drift or lie at anchor.

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