Principal’s Message

principle-msgPrincipal’s Message

“There are enormous challenges in today’s global and highly competitive markets and we have to ensure that you are ready for them.”
An educational institution has a profound role to play in the building of a nation, a society and an individual and it is a job of high responsibility when the recipients of that education are slated to perform roles of high responsibility. We are morally bound to fulfill the timely needs of the students and make them self-sufficient and skilled citizens of India so that they can contribute to the society.
Mittal Institute of Education is a young educational institute that has made a positive impact on people, companies and society in a short period of time. The institute enjoys autonomy, both strategic and financial that few peer institutes in India can boast of. We place education of people first and that is reflected in our strategy, faculty development, design of programmes and research initiatives. Our programmes are regulation compliant and accredited.
You are now embarking on a great learning adventure and you may face challenges of varying degrees and nature. But I am also sure those challenges will inspire you. There is little doubt that you will all be achievers at the end of it and once you pass through the portals of Mittal Institute of Education, the road ahead will be open. I also know for certain that you will lead the change of tomorrow for to-morrow and that the world will seek you out proactively.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step’. You have taken that step already…
Dr. Anamika Pandey
Mittal Institute of Education

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