24 Hour Power for Board Examination

Maximized Performance in a Board Examination is the Ultimate desire & dream of any student studying in 10th & 12th Grade and undoubtedly, managing the 24 Hours smartly & efficiently is the No.1 key to end up having an outstanding & mind-blowing outcome. As a matter of fact, Board Exams (BE) could be the real opportunity to begin to carve one’s future and create a history of commencing a grand career.

24 Hour Power for Board Examination

The very first thing to be done would be to decide What, When & Hows of preparation. The most powerful way of Scheduling and Managing the 24 Hrs would be by dividing the day into 4 Sessions of preparation, after having 7 Hrs of sound sleep. So your Each 24 Hr should look somewhat like the following:

5 am: Waking up – have a cup of milk or juice and exercise and get ready for the day

6 – 9 am: I Session of BE prep. (3 hrs)

9 – 10 am: Break Time – Have a healthy breakfast and relax

10 – 1pm: II Session of BE prep. (3 hrs)

1 – 3pm: Lunch break

3 – 5 pm: III Session of BE prep. (2 hrs)

5- 6 pm – Break Time

6 – 9 pm – IV Session (3 hrs)

9 – 10 pm – Dinner Break & bedtime (10pm – 5 am:- 7 hrs)

Activities to be included during the 4 Study Sessions:

  • Deep & detailed learning by extensive note making during the 3-hr sessions
  • 2-hr session could be utilized to study Maps, Diagrams, solving previous year’s Question Papers (Imp), make Flashcards & Flowcharts related to the topic covered in the 3-hr sessions
  • For 10 months of BE preparation one would get 2months for each subject (2months= 8weeks= 56 days) and remaining 2 months for Revision.
  • Divide the syllabus of each subject accordingly and make notes & study
  • Either one or two subjects could be studied (Mon-Friday) each day and Weekly Revision on Saturdays.

Activities to be included during the Intervals:

  • Exercising for 20 min. before each session to  kick-start the brain activity,  increase energy level & reduce stress
  • Have  nutritious diet that includes juices, dry fruits, sprouts, fruits etc
  • Doing your favorite thing/activity that revives refreshes & rejuvenates you. ## , Avoid T.V, movies, social sites, partying & festival celebrations other than on Sundays.

Time management will either Kill or Add to your score in the board examination. So, be highly focused on your preparation along with a balanced family time, exercise and diet. Be in total control of your 4 Sessions & in-charge of the day’s schedule each 24- Hr. Thus, with the 10 months of detailed & thorough study of the whole syllabus & 2months of Revision of the prepared notes & materials, the Unprecedented Success is Sure to come!

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